My aim for the show is for both you and I to work together to share our thoughts and ideas with the wider community. Between us we have a HUGE amount of information that would be great to share with others that are supporting a child with an eating disorder. I want to get the ‘if only I knew that earlier’ information out to those of you that need it so you can get better help and support. I have a lot of knowledge as a clinician but I’m more than aware that we professionals don’t know it all… you as a family have the expertise about how your family functions and how your eating disorder is affecting you – and as such you will have lots of experience of managing¬†the illness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So please – share your knowledge and let’s use this podcast as a medium to help get rid of your child’s eating disorder. I can be contacted in lots of ways – both publicly on social media and privately via email or voice mail. If you would prefer to be anonymous, no problem. I will use your comments without mentioning your name – that’s a guarantee.

Come share your thoughts – You probably know more than you think you do.