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EDIP-S3 EP2 – Breaking the silence..

It’s been an interesting¬† time since the last episode was released where I’ve spent time talking to lots of families who are very keen to share their stories about their experience treatment within the UK and have agreed to be interviewed on the podcast. Along side this, I placed a note on Becki and Jen’s Facebook support group asking if it would be okay to quote some of their posts on the podcast to help with better understanding.. Over 120 families gave me total permission to share their posts with you.. so many families want to support change and want you to hear and understand the current issues around eating disorder provision.

I have also put the same shout out on professional forums.. but the uptake has been somewhat lower and more surprisingly some have asked to remain anonymous, stating concern about what would happen if their identity was known. It’s clear that some may have difficult into share, but some are keen to share innovative projects and be part of the discussion to inform change..

In this episode, I give you a small sample of some of the issues that families face.. come listen

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