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Eating Disorder Insights Podcast – Series 2 Episode 5 – About your GP – NHS or Private Treatment?

How do you choose between using an NHS service or seeking out private treatment? In this episode, we will explore the issue of treatment choice and take a look at the options that might be available to you in each treatment setting. As a professional, I see many families who find themselves trying to make such a decision, trying to navigate the wealth of services that offer wide-ranging treatments for eating disorders and the common factor is that they all want the best for their child. In this episode, I’ll help you to think about how to make the best choice for you and we’ll consider some of the possible benefits and pitfalls that you need to look out for.

There is no hard and fast rule about which is the best option – this is very much an individual choice based on your unique family needs. But it’s very important that you make the right choice and to do this, you’ll need lots of information… so sit back and listen…

As a helping hand, these are some of the links to the services I discuss in the podcast.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy  – BACP

British Psychological Society  – BPS

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE Guidelines for the treatment or Eating Disorders

And not forgetting the incredible Eva Musby ..

Eating Disorder Insights Podcast – Series 2 Episode 4 – About your GP – Not happy with the outcome?

In this quick episode we’ll look at what you can do if you feel that you didn’t quite get what you needed from your GP appointment. We’ll take a look at your options and  think about how you can get the help you need and get the best start to treatment possible.

This is a short episode, but worth listening to..!


Eating Disorder Insights Podcast – Series 2 Episode 3 – Abour your GP – How does your child feel?

Your child might not share your enthusiasm about going to the GP and seeking treatment. In this episode, we’re looking at your child’s feelings and what is influencing their reluctance. I will help you to understand the eating disorder by viewing it as something separate to your child – a living, breathing entity – a parasite –  that has attached itself to your child and is using them for its own gains. I’ll help you to spot it’s behaviours, help you to understand how it gains influence over your child and how you can work together as a family to reduce its power.


Eating Disorder Insights Podcast – Series 2 Episode 2 – About your GP – What you need to tell them

Hello and welcome back to episode two of the second series of the eating disorder insights podcast.

In this second episode of series .. we’ll look at what you’ll need to tell your GP in order to get the best outcome for you and your child.But before we start.. lets quickly recap the last episode….in the last episode, we talked about the current national climate for eating disorders in  the UK and how this impacts on professionals. We also talked about how this could influence your appointment with your GP and why it’s important for you to plan what you’re going to say So.. thank you coming back to the show.. and I’m glad that you’re finding it useful.. now, I know this because I’m getting great feedback .. so thank you all and keep sending in your comments and suggestions.

So… when thinking about the GP appointment it’s probably a good idea for us to revisit the reasons why you’re going in the first place..We already know that you feel something’s wrong.. you can see changes in your child that worry you… or you’ve had someone else tell you that they’re worried.. maybe a teacher from school or a coach from a club that your child goes to..

And as a result.. you decided to do something to help your child.. by now you’ve probably talked to your child and have a better understanding, or they’ve refused to talk to you… but you’re still worried and still want to take them to the GP.

… so thinking of it.. you’ve already made a good start and probably have loads of information.. but we need to get it organised and sorted before your appointment, or.. if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget important bits only to remember after you’ve left the surgery.. so lets get it out of your head and on to paper… or a laptop… or tablet.. you get my meaning…

So… listen to the podcast.. and let’s get going..!

The full show notes are available here, so click the link or copy and paste it into your browser: