About this podcast

The podcast is a series of talks, interviews and discussions for parents and carers. The main focus is on restrictive eating disorders highlighting how you can support your child through recovery. The talks and conversations are designed to increase your understanding and provide non-jargon advice on how the eating disorder is affecting your child, what you need to do to help them recover and how you can get better at navigating the way to recovery.

I’m asking you to contribute – either in person by interview, by sending me your comments or by sharing anything that’s useful for other families who, like you are supporting their child with an eating disorder.

This podcast is a community of support that shares ideas and knowledge, both from a clinical and family perspective. With your contributions, we’ll bring the best of both together and form an alliance that will help you to tackle your child’s eating disorder.

Now, before you go, please read the Disclaimer here

To contribute, go to my ‘Contact‘ page. It would be great to hear from you.