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EDIP-S3 EP3 – Closing the gap between paediatrics and CAMHS eating disorder services..

Welcome back to the podcast and today I’m continuing the discussion around eating disorder treatment provision. In the last episode I gave you an update about some of the conversation I’ve had with families and their difficulties in accessing treatment for their child.

Most of the descriptions included struggles in getting access to specialist eating disorder services, not fitting the criteria and for some, the criteria of the services changing resulting in their care coming to an end.

Another distressing theme surrounded access to medical treatment for their children when they became dangerously poorly at the hands of their eating disorder. In discussion with teams and families, it’s clear that in some areas, there are still significant issues when it comes to eating disorder children being medically treated paediatric wards.

To explore this I’m so pleased to welcome Dr Ian Rodd, Consultant General Paediatrician based in Winchester and Dr Emily David, Clinical Psychologist, Hampshire CAMHS specialist eating disorder team. In today’s episode we explore how Ian and Emily overcame the difficulties that can be present when co-ordinating the care of eating disorder patients between paediatrics and specialist CAMHS eating disorder teams.

This is a really interesting conversation.. where both share how they overcame their professional differences to find that vital common ground to meet the needs of children with eating disorders. Its glaringly clear that both Ian and Emily have a passion for the health and wellbeing of children and both focus on placing the family at the centre of care. The story of how they aligned the world of paediatrics and child mental health is something that hopefully will help other teams to do the same.

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