Eating Disorder Insights Podcast – Episode 1.5 – The inbetweenisode – What’s coming up in Episode 2?

Welcome to this inbetweenisode..! (i can’t claim the name for myself – it belongs to someone else in the Podosphere..)

In the first episode of the podcast I set out the expectations for the series and discussed assumptions.  In this inbetweenisode, I talk about what you can expect from the next three episodes and share with you just how far the podcast has reached in the first week since launch – Listen in.. It’s impressive stuff..

As a summary:

The next episode (episode 2) will focus on how you can share your concerns with your child in ways that they will listen to you. I also discuss some of the common pitfalls that you can encounter when doing this and I’ll talk you through how your own emotions and feelings can either positively or negatively affect the outcome.

In episode 3 we’ll discuss how you can navigate the health system to get your child the treatment they need and also take a look at what information you should have to hand when you meet with your professional for the first time. For those overseas listeners – I’ll explain the process using the UK National Health system as an example as I have very little knowledge of other health systems. I will however make it so the information will be transferable (with a little adjustment!)

Episode 4 will be about how to separate your child’s eating disorder from your child and how to get better at spotting the difference.

Now that’s all for now, but as a reminder, episode 2 will be out in a week, so keep an eye out..!

Now time to listen..