Eating Disorder Insights Podcast – Episode 1 – Setting the scene for the series..

Welcome to the very first episode of the Eating Disorder Insights Podcast!

In this episode I’ll talk you through the assumptions I have made about you as a family, discuss the assumptions that I don’t make and reflect in some of the assumptions that you may have made about this podcast. I discuss the importance of you seeking treatment and how this podcast will compliment any treatment that you are engaged in. I discuss some of the common struggles some families may have at the beginning of eating disorder treatment, discuss the feelings that are commonly generated in the family and I set the framework for how we are going to explore how you can help your child.  This includes some of the common errors in thinking that can occur and the myths that some families have about the recovery process.

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2 thoughts on “Eating Disorder Insights Podcast – Episode 1 – Setting the scene for the series..

  1. Thank you Mark for this. There is so little information out there for parents and even those who do get access to rapid referral and treatment can often be bewildered before during and after sessions which can boil down simply to “a weigh and a chat”. Especially now that modern methods require parents to take responsibility for their child’s treatment information and practical advice are so vital. I particularly appreciate your emphasis on separating the child from the eating disorder and the stress on the assumptions that you make, and most importantly don’t make, as a clinician. Personally however, as someone who still feels a great deal of shame over our failure as a family to make a success of Family Based Treatment, I found your section on the assumptions that may (and I know it does say may) be made by families, upsetting. We went in to treatment terrified. We knew from family experiences that eating disorders and other mental illnesses can be fatal. We came out of the initial sessions with their emphasis on the seriousness of the illnesses, acting as if our hair was on fire, and when we asked for more help including admission it wasn’t there. There are not enough beds in the country. Psychiatric provision for comorbid conditions just isn’t available. Families do have enormous resources, but they should not be put in a position whether they are being asked to cope with dangerous situations alone. They are also all individual and careful assessment at the beginning of treatment, rather than relying on assumptions, can help. I understand that this is part of the FT-AN treatment now being used and welcome this.

    PS – I realise that this comes over as high in Expressed Emotion but that is my point! All families are different

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for commenting and you raise some really interesting and emotive points about treatment in the UK. When a child has an eating disorder along with other illnesses, there is sometimes a dilemma of ‘which team’ should be working with the family, as treatment models can be different depending on what diagnosis the child has. This is an issue that presents difficulties nationally and continues to be discussed within the leading working groups that are responsible for developing national guidance.

      Despite this, the child’s safety should always be a priority and teams should always form a clear plan with the child and the family. For any family that feels the care is not meeting their needs or the needs of their child, you can seek advice from your local Patient Advice and Liaison Service (more commonly known as PALS). For more information, you can go over to the website below for more information (copy and paste the link into your browser)

      Also, my assumption about some families not understanding the need for medical admission is quite rightly not going to apply to all families. Some, like you are well aware of the medical dangers and you are spot on to raise this point – Thank you.

      I’ll raise this and refer to your comments in a future podcast if you don’t have any objections?

      I hope that helps,

      Mark Taylor

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